WinoteK Sun Instant Water Geyser, Water Heater, Portable Water Heater, Geysers Made of First Class ABS Plastic, automatic Reset Model, AE10-3 KW (Yellow)


Price: ₹ 3,600.00 - ₹ 1,199.00
(as of Mar 20,2023 15:51:20 UTC – Details)


1MAKE IN INDIA: Following The Make In India Campaign WinoteK SUN Geyser Is Completely Made In India. Unlike Other Portable Geysers In The Market That Are Cheap Chinese Items, this Sun MicroSystems is a Quality Product which last longs and is Durable.

USAGE: Useful for kitchen as well as bathroom use. As scientifically proven, mild hot water helps in cleaning utensils faster and takes less energy to get clean. Capable of producing hot water enough for 1-2 person bathing. WinoteK SUN Instant water heater is a compact device designed to supply hot water instantaneously, WinoteK SUN conserves electricity, It is the most advanced heater and as such can be installed anywhere, the specialty of this heater is that it heats only the amount of water economically needed for the use.

HYGIENIC: It is also hygienic as hot water kills bacteria present in the food that is stick to the utensils since last night.

DURABLE: The WinoteK Sun Geyser is made up of hardened top quality ABS plastic material which is much durable and lasts up for a long time. The Coil which is inbuilt is made up of copper and it gives the product a safer and durable life.

*Safe: WinoteK GEYSER is the result of the latest innovations and developments in the heat resistant polypropylene. Besides being corrosion and rust proof, it withstands heat at any temperature of water. It’s simple construction and ingenious design makes it shock proof and easy to operate.
*Portable: The design of WinoteK GEYSER makes it compact and light to install it on your own wherever you need hot water. Just connect it to the tap and switch on.
*1 YEAR WARRANTY: All WinoteK Products Are Covered With 1 Year Off Site Warranty, So Rest be Assured And Enjoy with our Portable WinoteK SUN GEYSER. For Any Inquiry Related To Service or Product


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