How to Start a WordPress Blog in 2020 [In Just 6 Simple Steps]

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Hello! Sreedhar Kamireddy here. Today our topic is How to Start a WordPress Blog in 2020? Do you actually need to make passive revenue via blogging, which lets you reside life king measurement? Then beginning a blog is the primary and essential step that leads you to success.

However, After reading this article How to Start a WordPress Blog in 2020 In Just 6 Simple Steps, you’ll begin your blog right this moment and make a path for your success to make money.

Beginning a WordPress Blog in 2020 is just isn’t difficult in any respect, however all you want some help, which lets you begin a blog in 2020.

I have listed 6 simple steps along with the tools that I am using currently. This will help you to start out your worthwhile blog without making a mistake and a few bonus suggestions I mean tools that allow you to scale your new branded blog.

Earlier than beginning the total course of How to Start a WordPress Blog in 2020 In Just 6 Simple Steps for making a worthwhile blog. Perhaps a few of you’re considering, why you need to begin a blog in 2020? In all the time desire to say that 2020 is the golden environment for beginning a blog and develop it.

As a result of blogging is turning into robust daily and if you happen to begin right this moment, so you have got extra alternatives/possibilities, then others who will begin later than you.

Why you should start a blog in 2020? In my previous post as I already told there are such a lot of advantages if you happen to begin your blog and develop it, Right here some massive Advantages of blogging which helps you to drive towards financial freedom:

Categorical Your self. Running a blog is the platform that lets you specific your self by writing the content material on your viewers. You possibly can assist others and achieve fans and followers. You possibly can assist the readers by writing the content material in your blog, and by this, they may develop into your true followers which all the time there on your assist.

You can also make money out of your blog by doing Affiliate Marketing and also through Google Adsense.

Let’s get into the requirements to start a blog in 2020:

Step 1: Figuring out your Right Niche (Topic). This is a major and most important step most of them stuck up this step and few of them probably fail to choose the right niche. It’s very easy to start a blog and very difficult to survive if you not choosing your favorite niche.

My best suggestion is to select your nice based on your interest. You should be passionate about your niche then only you can survive otherwise you may need to quit the blogging. 

Most of them for example 90% of people will quit blogging why because they get into the niche which they are not at all interested and with zero knowledge on that particular topic. Even I had a problem figuring out my niche.

So make sure you are on the right path before starting. Don’t be scared its very easy to find your favorite niche if you try to figure out. 

I will share a few examples here I’m sure it will help you to find your niche 

-> Baby Care: lets for example baby is your niche. 

Here you can share details about baby care and how to take care of babies and the best food for babies and toys and how to make the baby sleep like anything you know about babies you can write and share. You can Place some Affiliate links and baby care products and toys which will make you earn some money through the affiliate program.

->Make money Tactics:

Here You can share about how to get financial freedom making money online. Passive income tips and tricks and you can explain about websites that will make good passive income.

->About your Dog: 

Yes, you heard it write it’s all about knowing your dog. Writing about types of dogs and how to take care of them and detailing their regular diet etc.. We have so many niches like this. Hope you have some idea about finding your niche. So Find your Niche and Start your blog today.

Step 2: Choose your Domain Name

It’s another important task to complete before we get into blogging. Why I said its important because you have to choose your domain name based on your niche. It should be niche specific. 

It Should Be Short and Simple. Try to keep your domain as short as you can, don’t make it too long because it’s very difficult to pronounce and keep your domain name simple.

Make sure you choose a domain name that includes your niche keyword in that. Don’t include numerics in a domain name. You can use your main keyword in your domain, which helps your blog to boost SEO.

I Always Prefer TLD Extension because that domain extension like .com because it’s global.

You can Select your domain after choosing your Best Hosting platform. Most of the Hosting providers will give free Domain and SSL for free. Let’s get into the next step.

Step 3: Select a good Hosting for your Blog or Website:

To start a blog or Website you need to have a Web Hosting and Domain.

Web Hosting – This is a place where all your content of your blog is stored and shows your blog lives when someone tries to access that. Hosting is like a server. which stored all your data like images, posts, pages, and many more and keep your data secured.

It’s really difficult to find which WordPress hosting is best. There are a bunch of web hosting service providers that you can use to start your new blog.

Don’t be confused So instead of providing you the tons of web hosting list, I recommended you go with the HostGator.

HostGator is the number one Hosting platform for beginners, and also it’s user-friendly moreover we have good customer support. It’s much cheaper than other web hostings.

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Choose Your Plan which suits your budget and fulfil your requirements:

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Once Purchased Hosting and the domain name will move to the next step.

Step 4: Installing WordPress is very easy you can do it very quickly.

Once installed you can see your WordPress site to make it live on the web.

Step 5: Now Your WordPress site is now with default Themes and Plugins. You can Select your Themes and Plugins Based on your Site requirements. If you have difficulty finding your Themes and Plugins leave us a comment below. We will help you the same. We will jump into the next step. I will also cover my favourite themes and plugins in further posts.

Step 6: Start creating pages (Dashboard → Page → Add New) for example Contact Us, About Us, and Privacy Policy these 3 pages are very important for getting approval from Google Adsense.

Stat writing your amazing posts (Dashboard → Post → Add New) based on your Niche. Make sure your post is very detailed along with images and it should be lengthy post with simple english that can be easier for any readers to engage with your blog post. Once you done with writing just click on Publish. Now your brand new website is live.

Hope you are with the question How to Start a WordPress Blog in 2020 In Just 6 Simple Steps?.

Thank you very much for reading this article. Please leave your comments below.


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